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AI Task Force and guidelines

With a rich and robust history of leadership in the study and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the University of Toronto is uniquely positioned to harness and shape the transformative potential of this rapidly evolving field for our institution, and the higher education sector more broadly.
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Provostial Advisor on AI, and AI Task Force

To guide the University in meeting both the opportunities and challenges of AI, Professor Susan McCahan has been appointed as the Provostial Advisor on Artificial Intelligence for a term that will run until June 30, 2025. She will convene an AI Task Force to engage members of the University in developing a vision and strategic plan for U of T’s AI activities.

The Task Force will include individuals with expertise across a range of academic, administrative, and technical areas. This critical institutional initiative will consider ways that our community can best leverage AI to enhance our research expertise, support student success including engagement in rewarding learning and co-curricular experiences and improve operational efficiencies – all within a framework of clear and consistent principles.

U of T guidelines for using GenAI

With the advent of publicly accessible generative AI (GenAI) tools, U of T has been assessing the technological landscape and updating relevant guidelines and protocols as needed. We will be collecting and sharing the guidelines and protocols as they become available. Additional resources will be posted to this page as they emerge regarding GenAI usage by faculty, students, researchers, and staff across our three campuses.

Collected guidelines and protocols

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