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AI research landscape at U of T

The University of Toronto is a world-leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research, including Machine and Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and computer vision, as well as the applications of cutting-edge technologies in areas such as human health, sustainability, humanities, engineering, finance, and e-commerce. Our scholars are also deeply engaged in exploring the implications, ethics, and impact of these technologies. We’ve highlighted some of U of T’s centres and units for AI research, and we’ll continue to compile and list resources for researchers as they become available.
Three people wearing lab coats take notes during an experiment at a lab bench in the Environmental Science and Chemistry building at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. (photo by Matthew Dochstader/Paradox Images)

Research centres & units

U of T is home to some of the world’s top faculty, students, alumni, and staff working with and studying AI.
Our three campuses (Mississauga, St. George, Scarborough) also form the hub of a multidisciplinary network of AI research centres and units. To learn more about the aims and goals within each centre, check out the list below.

Centres focusing on AI research

Using AI as a research tool

We’ve compiled some U of T guidelines and resources for you to consider when using AI tools in your research projects.

Resources for using AI in research

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