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Learning to use AI tools responsibly

Members of the University of Toronto community are experimenting with AI and its applications to support their work and productivity. To help guide the U of T community we will be collecting and sharing resources, and professional development opportunities, primarily related to GenAI tools which are being adopted for public use.

However, we also recognize that AI functionality is being added to existing tools and applications that we all use regularly to perform our tasks. As such, it is beyond the scope of this resource page to list all of these additional tools. Professional staff, in particular, are encouraged to connect with your divisional IT teams for conversations related to learning opportunities around AI functionality incorporated into productivity applications.

Two people examine an experimental setup at  The Bridge lab located in the Instructional Centre, University of Toronto Scarborough. (photo by Moussa Faddoul)

Guidelines for using AI tools

We’ve compiled some U of T guidelines and resources for you to consider when using GenAI tools in your work.

Compiled guidelines and resources

Training and professional development

These are just some of the AI courses and professional development opportunities that are available to support you with incorporating these concepts and tools into your work productivity. For degree programs, please visit the Students page.

Certificates, courses, and learning pathways

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