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AI education and use of GenAI for students

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As a student, you may want to learn more about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) works, and how to use it safely and responsibly. The resources provided here will direct you to learning opportunities in AI, as well as the University of Toronto’s guidelines about whether it’s appropriate to use generative AI (GenAI) in your coursework.
GenAI guideline for coursework
Regarding the use of GenAI tools as a student, as an overall guiding principle, if you have any questions or doubts about whether you should use AI in your assignments or other academic work we recommend that you always contact your course instructor or graduate supervisor for clarification.
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Studying artificial intelligence and machine learning

U of T has a growing number of AI-focused educational experiences including full programs, concentrations, certificates, and fellowships. If you are interested in studying AI, we suggest checking out these transformative learning opportunities.

Using GenAI in your studies

We’ve compiled a list of U of T considerations regarding student use of GenAI in your academic work. We strongly encourage you to consult these resources when deciding whether using GenAI is appropriate. This is not an exhaustive list because the field is evolving quickly, and we will continue adding additional resources to this page. Please check back to make sure you’re abiding by the latest guidelines.

Academic considerations

Ethics, copyright, and citing GenAI

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